I offer a combination of counselling, behaviour change and hypnotherapy that can facilitate the changes you wish to make in your life

Discover how you can feel more confident and more comfortable with yourself and with your life so you can live your life more fully, more authentically, and more abundantly


From the sadness of losing a loved one, extra responsibility at work, breaking up with your partner, changing jobs, taking up further study ,, moving house ,festive season challenges, changing family circumstances, trying to get a balance between studying and working, making a speech ,getting married …the list goes on. Life changes of all kinds (this includes even the ones that we see as positive ) can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed. If you are finding that you just can’t seem to move through them smoothly then why not consider giving me a ring and chat about my unique combination of counselling, hypnotherapy and behaviour changes that can help you reclaim power over your life.

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You might be a little surprised when you inquire about my stop smoking program that I might ask you whether you really want to give up smoking!

No matter how encouraging those around you might be in wanting you to give away the habit of smoking cigarettes The time is right when you are ready to stop.
It is your decision and yours alone.

My clients often say is that not only are they are delighted to have become non-smokers but they are often quite surprised at the ease in which they let go of this negative choice and embraced a healthier new lifestyle.

I offer a combination of counselling, behaviour change and hypnotherapy that can facilitate the changes you wish to make in your life.



Feeling like you lack confidence can hold you back from participating fully in all areas of your life .At times that may lead to a sense that there is a lack of recognition for your skills and talents and at other times you may be concerned about what might be expected of you. and feeling unable to deliver if and when you are moved out of your comfort zone!

The reasons why you aren’t as confident as you would like to be varies from person to person. I can assist you to explore these and learn new skills so that you move more confidently and more comfortably towards the life you want to lead.
You may be pleasantly surprised how hypnotherapy can support you do just that.

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Panic and Anxiety

Feeling a sense of panic and fear combined with often unpleasant physical symptoms like excessive perspiration, shaking, sick feeling in the stomach or worse can mean your life can feel very limited. .For Example, What about being at a public place with friends or family and feeling forced to make up some plausible excuse so you can get outside immediately before the symptoms of panic escalate to the point where you feel you won’t be able to cope?. Perhaps at work you find yourself having to deal with such frightening feelings and physical symptoms while simultaneously attempting to hide from your colleagues what is going on?

My unique combination of Hypnotherapy, counselling and behaviour change can help you manage feelings of panic and stress.My number  is 0424079711



Do feel embarrassed that you know your fear of something is completely irrational and that it is getting so bad that you have had to modify your lifestyle to fit in with the frightening thought of the phobia. Perhaps you feel frustrated that you can’t seem to “just get over it”
There are various reasons why people have phobias and theses differ from individual to individual If you have an Irrational fear of something, like fear of flying, spiders, dentistry etc to the point that it is affecting your life or limiting your ability to do all the things that others take for granted, it may be the right time to seek help. You may be pleasantly surprised how effective Hypnotherapy can be in assisting you to live your life free of the phobia that is concerning you right now.Call 0424079711


Nail Biting and other Unwanted Habits

Let me assist you in discovering how you can live your life without having to hide your hands all the time .Just imagine what it would be like not to feel self conscious when your boss shakes your hand or when your partner wants to hold your hand Hypnotherapy can assist you so you can will feel comfortable and proud to show your nails anytime.


Weight management

Are you fed up with thinking about your weight? What about thinking about a healthier new life instead?
My weight management program is as individual as you are. You and I meet together and focus is on the factors that impact on your specific relationship towards food. Hypnosis is uniquely placed as a therapy to be able to access the subconscious mind to unearth the underlying beliefs that underpin your conscious mind and how it relates to food. Through a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy, sustainable weight management and behaviour change is possible. So contact me today and you can start living a new and healthier lifestyle.



Are you getting married soon and just want to enjoy the experience but are concerned that the pressures may get to you? Are you wondering whether all the planning in the world will be able to help you to manage the practical wedding details but not the potential for dramas with friends and relatives? Are you worried about messing up the official speech?
Book in now for an individual session to learn how you can be the serene and relaxed on your special day.


Life and work balance

When you don’t achieve a sense of work/life balance there is the potential that this can lead to a build up of pressure in all areas of your life This in turn can find you questioning your ability to do anything adequately, let alone managing everything well! .It may be that one or more areas are not getting the focus that they require
Why not consider exploring through counselling and hypnotherapy what you truly value in all areas of your life so you reshape your life to reflect the life you truly wish to lead.The number to call is 0424079711


Grief and Loss

Grief and loss affect us individually in very personal ways. The sadness felt at the loss of a loved one, the ending of a significant relationship and other shattering losses may lead to a loss of meaning that can echo through various facets in everyday life,
With the combination of counselling and hypnotherapy I can teach you strategies to move through this challenging time.When you are ready why not consider giving me a ring on 0424079711



Is your alcohol intake becoming the central focus of your life?
Is it impacting in a negative way into all areas of your life?
Perhaps you are beginning to feel that you can not maintain your present lifestyle with regards to alcohol for much longer?
If it is time to consider changing your way of living in regards to alcohol contact me today on 0424079711


Study and Exam Preparation

Do you keep on putting off further study because the thought of sitting exams is frightening?

Can’t seem to get organised with your study?
Need to rebuild your confidence now you are contemplating doing further study?
Are you worried about effectively fitting study into your busy life?
Contact me today and learn how you can overcome your concerns and succeed with your studies.



Is your intake of drugs taking over your life?
Are you beginning to feel you can not maintain your present lifestyle with regards to drug taking for much longer?
If it’s time to consider a change in the way you are living in regards to drugs contact me today.


Is chronic pain affecting your ability to manage the life you want to live?
Are you looking for more drug free options so that your can better manage your levels of discomfort?
Call me today on 0424079711 and find out how my  unique combination of Hypnotherapy , counselling can assist you in reclaiming a greater sense of comfort in your life.